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If I ev trained a sewaddle with 2 Hp EVs & then used 10 vitamins on it, will I be at 100 Hp EVs or 102?


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It will actually only go to 92. A vitamin can only take a certain stat up to 100 EV's, so 10+92=102, exceeding the limit you can reach by using vitamins. This applies for all stats like Def, SDef, etc. Your best bet when using vitamins is to use ten first to reach 100 EV's, and then EV train the rest of the way by fighting pokemon. Hope this helps!

I believe this is true. It will either go to 92 or 102, but I'm pretty sure it is 92. Just keep track of how many vitamins you give it so you don't accidentally give it more EV's than you planned to.