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like most legendary Pokemon, I caught Volcarona at a special place[ you know, like you find Mewtwo at Cerulean-Cave etc. ] so I htought it was a legendary-pokemon. But soon after, I battled a lot more people who had Volcarona and Larvesta. I am a little confused.


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Reasons why it is not a legendary:
1.IT can breed
2.It doesnt have stats of 600 or above
3.it comes in an egg.
4. It can evolve.

Articuno does not have stats of 600 or above. That is not a requirement for being a legendary. The main thing is that when it is bred, an egg is laid. The result of that egg can evolve into Volcarona. As such, it is not a legendary.
IF you ask me, it SHOULD be a legendary.