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Okay, I'll just give an example.

Ex. I send out Cofagrigus, My opponent sends out Bisharp, Bisharp uses Night Slash, Crits, And my Cofagrigus is down, but he got the ability Mummy.
Now if my Archeops came in, and uses something like U-turn, and got Mummy, but he switched out.
Would he still have Mummy when I switched him back in?


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No, he will not.

"When the user is attacked by a contact move, the opposing Pokémon's Ability is turned into Mummy as well. The affected Pokémon's Ability returns to normal when they are returned to their Poké Ball."

[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mummy_(ability)

That sucks.. Thanks though!
Thanks; I had the same question.