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Mummy helps disable other abilities. Weather abilities and speed boost become negated when they attack a pokemon with mummy. But the fun doesn't stop there. Since they now have mummy, it can spread to other pokemon the same way they got it. Think of it as a crippling virus.

Like Pokerus that kills your pokemon
Not quite. I mean that the ability spreads to several other pokemon, so even if you manage to defeat a pokemon with the ability, it's still there to bite you.

Also, the pokerus doesn't kill your pokemon. In fact it's very beneficial and useful for your pokemon.
I know I actually meant like if pokerus DID kill your pokemon.
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Chance to cancel foe´s ability? It´s like Gastro Acid or Worry Seed or properly used Entertainment

Your Answer was just as good as Dts except he explained it a bit better, so i voted both of you up :)
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You can also use it to your own benefit at times .
Double battle with Cofragrigus and Archeops , get archeops Mummy and disable Defeatist . Helped me alot !!

Same thing with Cofagrigus and Slaking. Slaking loses Truant and gets Mummy, which is really useful since Slaking is really powerful.