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Because if Huge power its attack can max at 436 with revenge killing possibilities in aqua-jet. I was thinking.


Nature: Adamant
Ability: Huge power
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 hp, and 4 defense
Item: Water plate/leftovers(help me decide please)

Aqua-jet: Revenge killing STAB of doom!
Ice-punch: Coverage against grass types(oh why doesn't he have avalanche)
Brick-Break: Coverage
Bulldoze/Return: Coverage/power(help decide please)

Is this a good set/evs/item/nature for it? Please help


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RMP Questions are becoming quite popular.

Okay, Go for Life orb Over Either of Those, pretty much the only time to use a Type effectiveness plate is if you have Double STAB ( Example. Mach Punch Focus Punch = Fighting Plate Opurtunity ) And Although a 436 max is nice, Going with the Life orb gives you that extra punch to finish your opponent off.

Ice Punch works well, and I have to agree they should've given him Avalanch :'(

As Far as Brick Break is concerned, I personally think " Super Power " Would work better.
Being a Revenge Killer, he kills and Switches, Super Power Gives you that extra packing punch, and you can just switch afterwards.

Use Return, as Water + Normal gets awesome neutral coverage.

As Far as Nature, Adamant works well, And The Ev's Look fine.

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