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Okay, I know its group is mineral, but I tried to breed with a Solrock, then with a Lunatone and the old man said
"They prefer to play with other pokemon then themselves." What is wrong?

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This is because Metagross and Lunatone have no Genders. To breed Pokemon they must be in the same egg group and 1 be female and 1 male. Metagross is only capable of breeding with Ditto he shares this trait with Magnezone, Bronzong, Claydol, Cryogonal, Electrode, Golurk, Klinklang, Lunatone, Solrock, Porygon-Z, Rotom, Shedinja, and Starmie and most of there evos. Manaphy also can only breed with Ditto but that makes Phione not Manaphy.

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the poblem is that metang has no gender. it can only be bred with a ditto

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they dont have genders

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