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Actually, what josh said is false. To catch dratini, you have to fish for it. The fishing spot for dratini (and magikarp, and dragonair) is the lake directly in front of the entrance. (having the super rod will help). sense you can just fish from the same spot over and over, you dont have to worry about running out of steps, only about running out of safari balls. You will get both dratini and dragonair to appear several times, but they do have very low catch rates so you'll probably fail to catch them several times before you actually manage it, but it can be done.


Xsdvi is right
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Okay, Let me make this Really Clear.

Step 1 - You walk into the Safari Zone
Step 2 - You run around in the grass
Step 3 - If you run around long enough, you'll eventually run into a Dratini
Step 4 - Throw Safari Balls at Dratini until you catch it

Repeat process until your Dratini is Caught, he doesn't have a Very High catch rate, or appearance rate, so it might take a little while.