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I'd like to not evolve my Dratini until 57 where it learns hyperbeam, as Dragonite doesn't learn it until level 75. However I'm a bit nervous about skipping two evolutionary stages as it would normally evolve to Dragonite at level 55. Will it just evolve into Dragonair at 58 and Dragonite at 59?

hyper beam sucks lol
hyper beam is physical in gen 2 stp
still a bad move
Oh damn, does it? I thought it looked good as it's 150. Would you not recommend having it on the final moveset?
Hyper Beam from a Dragonite in gen2 is really powerful, coming from a base 134 attack but you’ll deal with the frustrating recharge stage. If you were playing red/blue, Hyper Beam on Dragonite would be much better since if you OHKO with hyper beam no recharge stage occurs.
ah thank you - I didn't know it had that drawback!

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Yes, you will still evolve into Dragonair at 58 and Dragonite at Level 59. You aren't able to skip/prevent evolutions unless you go all the way to Level 100 still as a Dratini/Dragonair.

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Wonderful, thank you so much :)
no problem!