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In Crystal, I had went to the person in the Dragon Den and taken the quiz, and I thought “hey, mabye I’ll get Extreme Speed” so I selected the answers that seemed best. I needed a waterfall user, so I claimed the dratini, and apparently I did get the answers right, it’s got extreme speed. Is it possible for me to pass it down through breeding so I can have more Extreme Speed dratini?

I don't think so, since it is not an egg move or in its learnset.  It also is not a TM or HM.  I do not know for sure though so, I will leave this as a comment.

I will look more into it though!

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According to Bulbapedia, the dratini can not pass down extremespeed in Crystal version but, in HGSS it can.
Since you are playing Crystal, it is not possible according to Bulbapedia.

Sorry fam :(

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I see. Thank you!
You bet!  Best of luck in your crystal adventures!