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Title says all. If you can, what item or method do you need to use for it to work. I'm basicly wondering if you can pass specific natures with a held item, same as how you pass down IV's and natures using the Everstone and the Destiny Knot.

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Yes this question is really similar to a question I asked a while ago but I made a mistype. I wanted to ask this, not about natures. Sorry, my bad. Anyway, thanks for answering!


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no. genders are random, pesides thing like nidoran male.or gender that have a higher male/feamale gender radio

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im pretty sure iv from things like macho brace can be passed down not sure though. 75 yes 25 no
Macho Brace has no effect while breeding, but if one of the parents hold one of the 6 Power items, the stat the item corresponds to will always be passed down
Okay, thanks for answerring! :D