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Cofagrigus has the Egg Groups Amphorus and Mineral (Female).
Klang has the Egg Group Mineral (No gender).
So I'm training a Cofagrigus with relaxed nature (mother) and the "loves to eat" IVs with Klang.
Am I doing this right?
Klang is holding destiny knot and Cofagrigus is holding an Everstone.
The Day Care Man said "they prefer to play..."

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Well, this won't work at all anyway because Klang is genderless. There has to be a male and a female in the daycare, genderless Pokemon can only breed with Ditto. Sorry. :/

However, once you get a compatible male Pokemon to replace Klang, the offspring will only inherit five IVs between the parents. The offspring won't receive all of Klang's replacement's IVs, unfortunately. Unless that was what you were hoping for, in which case everything is fine. Just get a male compatible Pokemon and your good to go.

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