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Just Curious. I want a HP Grass Greninja...

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Mah man! Someone else actually wants HP grass greninja

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Unfortunately, no, there isn't.

This is because there is no way of breeding Pokemon that guarantees that all 6 IVs pass down to the offspring, and since Hidden Power is determined by IVs, you can't do it.

Just keep breeding until you get one with the Grass-type hidden power.

And as a side note, it is probably better to either have Grass Knot or HP Electric, or to just go with the standard Surf/Ice Beam/Extrasensory/Dark Pulse (or U-Turn).

EDIT: there is! Just look at this question.

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Actually you can...? It's possible to breed for HP, the same way it's possible to breed for IVs. You just need the Destiny Knot, the Power items and a lot of patience/ luck.
I see what you mean.  Unfortunately, I think that that method has a 1/6 chance of working, and it doesn't pass down natures.
HP breeding is very much possible, it just takes a lot of time