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I'm trying to breed certain Pokémon with a 31/0/30/30/30/30 IV spread, but I don't know how. I tried using an IV calculator but that was just beyond confusing for me. I know how to IV breed, and have a father for both of them that has this IV spread and holds a Destiny Knot, but I can't seem to do this right... help?

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The Destiny Knot doesn't pass down all IVs, only five random IVs between each parent.

It's impossible for every one of your IVs to be purely inherited from your parents, so unfortunately you will need to breed a few times to get the last IV you want.

My recommendation is that you get a female compatible Pokemon that has roughly the same IV set, so it will increase the chances of passing that IV set onto your Pokemon.

Also, you don't need that specific IV set to get an HP Fighting Pokemon. It's simply a matter of which values are odd, and which values are even. These are the following IV combinations:

Fighting E E E E E E
Fighting O E E E E E
Fighting E O E E E E
Fighting O O E E E E
Fighting E E O E E E

E = even integer.
O = odd integer.

If you have anymore questions, ask I guess.

Hope I helped. :)

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Destiny Knot guarantees 5 IVs between both parents in Gen VI.
Really? I could have sworn it was only three IVs.
My box of 5 IV Pichus would all disagree with you. :P