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My Dratini didn't evolve into what it was supposed to be, it just evolved into a normal one, and I was really excited about it. :\

Is it hacked? Or did you damage your game card?
Are you positive it was shiny? In Gen 3, normal Dratini has more of a purple color than a blue color.
He be like: and that’s why every Dratini I’ve caught, all 400+ of em have been shiny.

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Unfortunately, yours was probably a regular Dratini and I'm not sure what extreme levels of save corruption could remove shininess unintentionally. I'm actually a personal victim of this, too. I didn't know about the shiny sparkles and thought the Dratini I found in Fire Red was shiny, but nope, I was wrong.

Dratini  sprite from FireRed & LeafGreenDratini Shiny sprite from FireRed & LeafGreen
Dratini  sprite from HeartGold & SoulSilverDratini Shiny sprite from HeartGold & SoulSilver
Dratini  sprite from SilverDratini Shiny sprite from Silver
The one on the left is normal, and on the right is shiny. From top to bottom, you have Fire Red/Leaf Green, Heart Gold/Soul Silver, and Silver. I'm not really sure why Dratini is purple in the Generation 3 sprites, especially compared to Dragonair:
Dragonair  sprite from FireRed & LeafGreenDragonair Shiny sprite from FireRed & LeafGreen

Are you sure yours was shiny? Shiny Pokemon sparkle after being sent out in battle in almost every single game.