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Who was it that kissed him, because this was bothering me.

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This is actually interesting, Most viewers believe it to have been Latias seeming as Latias didn't speak the whole time, and Bianca was a bit of a loud mouth, but the answer was never revealed, it could have just as easily been either of them, but it's been mostly thought by viewers to be Latias.

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yeah because Bianca didnt seem to like ash but then again you could see her hat on the chair and she was an artist so it could have been either one and its still going to bother me
It could be Bianca actually after giving it some though Since about ten seconds later the three laties were flying together and latias doesn't change forms in open public
As I said, we don't know. But Bianca didn't seem to like Ash much, and was a loud mouth.
I think Bianca was taking advantage of the fact that Latias didn't speak at all, so she wanted Ash to think that it was Latias. Plus, I never saw Latias draw before.
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Um i guess its what the viewer wants to believe if you notice at the end a latias and two latios are flying through the air

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