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So what I mean is; when do daily events in the games (my case Pokemon Black and White) reset?
Is it every day at 12am, is it a FULL day of 24 hours, or is it a different time?

If it applies only to specific games, please state that!

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It resets every day at midnight.

Source: Experience and testing.

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I believe it's 24 hours from the last time you accessed it. So, say you went on the Dream World to befriend a Pokemon at 6:00 pm on Saturday, you wouldn't be able to do that again until 6:00 pm on Sunday.


I asked this question last night at 11:00 and received my daily "random treasure" from the man in the black suit and saved my game there.
This morning at about 6:30, I talked to him again and he gave me another random treasure.

Same with the Nimbasa city sports dome trainers; I was able to fight them again, although some of the trainers changed.
I believe it resets upon certain conditions or something, but I know what you mean.
Sometimes I wait a full 24 hours and I'm still not able to do any of the dailies!
(Like how the props guy hasn't given me props in months!)
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Dream world access you have to wait 24 hours for.

In game events, like the patrat cups game on marvelous bridge, i've always just gone sometime after midnight and never had a problem doing them no matter when i last did it.

this is for gen5 by the way.  missed out on gen4 games so don't know about those.