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You know...does it even have HP IVs? :D

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Apparently it does have HP Ivs but the only way to even guess what the number is, is by it's personality, the Iv judge or by the Nincada it evolves from Source Bulbapedia

I got a shiny Shedinja with a perfect HP IV :(
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Yes. Shedinja can have perfect IVs in any of his stats. He'll always have 1 hp because of his base stats, so for programming reasons, he can still get any hidden power you want.

If you have a program like Pokemon online, this is pretty easy to determine, but on the actual games, you could go by your nincada or your Ninjask to determine his IVs.

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But it´s impossible to use IV/HiddenPower calculators, right?
Not really, his IVs will be the same as the Ninjask you got, so if both are level 100, IVs can be calculated.