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I have noticed that the show is Anime but the games seem like average RPG style it does not look alot like anime to me. I could be wrong I am no artist but it just doesn't seem like it. So is Anime the style of art used in the games or is it another kind?

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Speed, this really doesn't have anything to do with pokemon.
Yes it does I am asking what the artwork is.

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Anime refers only to animations, or the TV show.
The Pokemon games are not anime style games, although there are some out there.

Tales of Symphonia is one example that is an anime style game where the characters are drawn in such a way, and some cut scenes (like the opening movie) are actually in anime.

Yes, Pokemon is an RPG, but not done in anime style throughout the game.
Only the opening scene where it shows N can be called anime.

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You mentioned one of my favorite games :D
Quote"I know the perfect name.The new name for the great kharlan tree is-----"
I remember that! I was so pissed when they did that!
Than afterwards they wanted me to start a new game?!

I did it anyways because I just love this game!
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I Think they meant to design it in an anime like style but the lack of graphics restrict how it looks, so i guess it is.

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