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So i just got a Conkeldurr lv 100 shiny from the gts and it has a bad nature and horrible stats with the ability guts
Should i trade or Make the best of it?

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What nature?
Lax: Ups Def Dwns Sp Def

Sorry I forgot to list that.:)
it also has no egg moves
Could it be hack? Or you sure it´s legit?
It's a Hacked pokemon

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I would like to say that Shiny Pokemon are somewhat like trophies. I have had a similar experience I once got a lvl. 100 Shiny Voltorb(Not Electrode but Voltorb) so I pretty much had a useless un-evolved Pokemon that could not even be evolved. But you have a decent Pokemon there that could actually be used in-game and even a little bit of competitive(as long as you are not fighting a master or anything) a good Guts set would be: Conkelldurr: Item: Flame-orb, Moveset: Mach-punch, Stone-edge, Earthquake, Payback(Drain-punch if it has it but since it is an egg move it probably doesn't). Or you could simply go for: Item: Leftovers, Moveset: Bulk-up, Mach-punch, Stone-edge, Payback/Stone-edge.

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Don't trade it shinies are so rare just try to make the best of it!

Hope this helps :)

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Depends. if you are a collector then yeah you should keep it. if you are a competitive battler you could easily trade it for another shiny. if you dont like that ones stats then trade for another.

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