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or do you need cheats

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Rather than hacking the game, you can also glitch the game to level Pokemon past 100 with the
"Trainer House glitch", the "ZZAZZ glitch", although not recommended.

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LOLOL, I need to try that!
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Without hacking, there is no way to get a pokemon over the level 100, but there is probably a code for that online,but I'm not sure;but there's probably one for hacking stats, which would be almost he same. I wouldn't recomend using an action replay in pokemon,ever.

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For those ever so annoying Gts trades, I use action replay and make reshiram level one with splash only and unable to learn new moves. Then i change its name to "PWND"
XD thats really funny
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There is always the old glitch that probably dosnt work in Gen. V:

Also in Generation I, any Pokémon can also be raised to a level above 100 via the Pokémon merge glitch; however, Pokémon in the Slow experience group need to be merged with a glitch Pokémon who requires even more experience at level 100. These Pokémon can continue to be leveled up with Rare Candies until level 255. Whenever a Pokémon over level 100 gains any amount of experience, its level will revert to 100, and if a Rare Candyis fed toa level 255 Pokémon, it will revert to level 0.
Look it up!

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