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okay, so suppose this happens:

turn 1: cotonee lv1 holding focus sash gets hit to 1 hp. plants seeds
turn 2: hp regained to full by cotonee... now what happens when the other guy attacks?


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First Turn- Cotonee plants seed and gets hit to 1 hp. At the end phase, he restores back to full health
Second turn- the other pokemon kills cotonee since focus sash is only a one time use item.

So if your stategy was to heal back to full hp with focus sash, it would fail since it is only a one time use item.

EDIT: are there any other items that would work?
no, not that I know of......
and what about leech seed+ switch out for sturdy?
that would work if you went to full health
so, a lv.1 aron with sturdy/endeavor... preceded by a leech setter... how about that?
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it just would kill cottonee as focus sash is one time use

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the focus sash is a 1 time use item so if cotonee was at full health again he would faint. If focus sash was used every time at full health shedinja would be hard to take down