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it will be the female, which ever one it is.

P.S. it is called breeding at the daycare

More info about eggs

EDIT: it will be the female's first evolutionary form, not counting baby pokes, which you have to go to special conditions to get. So, if amoonguss is female, you will get a foongus. if servine is female, then you will get a snivy.

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thanks but no thanks, not the answer I was looking for
What do you mean? You always get the female pokemon when breeding, so if you servine is female, you would get a snivy
There is no other way to say it.
dude shyguy is 100% right what are you expecting to get a bannana ?!
somethime i just dont get those stupid question ...
Wait... You mean you don't get a bannana? Then what the hell... Servine cheated on Amoonguss with a fruit???
you don't need special conditions to get some baby pokemon
We are aware of that. But please, do not bring back these old questions.