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I have USA version of Emerald and EU versions of Diamond and SoulSilver.
Can I do passive migration on Diamond (GBA insertion)?
Can I do active migration on Diamond or SoulSilver (real migrating)?
Also, what about different regions between IV-V gen?

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yes, you can migrate from diamond to SS, but i'm not so sure about from emerald to diamond.

For gen-IV to gen-V, you need to use the Relocator for Event legendary beast trio and event celebi (to unlock zoura and zoroak, they can't be unlocked when you transfer the event pokemon through the Poketransfer) only, while all other pokemon have to be migrated using the Poketransfer.

Edit: i tried trading using my japanese white and my USA black, it could, but i dont know if that will work for emerald and diamond.

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You didn´t really get my question, did you?
regions as in countries?
Yup. USA version. EU-EN version. JP version. I mentioned it
i tried from JP to USA version, it worked!
(but the name was in japanese)
either way, you still can migrate from D-SS
That´s trading...but thanks