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I have Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Sapphire. I put Pokemon Sapphire in the bottom DS slot where the GameboyAdvanced cartridge goes and put Diamond in the top slot, and I select Pokemon Diamond, but when I reach the game menu, it says 'Continue Game', 'New Game', 'Nintendo WFC Settings' and nothing else! It doesn't say 'Migrate From' or anything!

Please help!


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You have to go to the pal-park south of Sandgem, it is at the end of the L shaped route, trainers and clumps of tall grass are scattered throughout. Once there at the park, you'd have to select 6 Pokemon and catch them in a multi-terrain park. Surf is required to catch water-prone Pokemon like Seal or Clampearl. Pokemon that know HMs aren't allowed to transfer (different HM sets between the two games). Once you caught the 6 chosen Pokemon, they will be moved to your PC system. There are points given to you after you finish. These points are irrelevant if you're not intending to compete with friends or yourself.

You will need a Pokemon that knows surf to get there.

In order to transfer Pokemon from your sapphire, you must complete the national Pokedex before you can do this. If you did, no need to comment.

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I've done all this and it still doesn't work.
Then your DS or one of your game chips must be messed up. I don't know if your DS even recognizes your sapphire. If so, I recommend turning of you DS, taking out your sapphire, blowing into the chip and slot, seeing if the DS recognizes the game, and repeat if it doesn't work. Other than that, I assume that there's a glitch somewhere.
OK, thanks for the suggestions. I'll see what I can do.
No probs.
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  1. Make sure your GBA game is original.
  2. Make sure you have seen 151 Pokemons or more.
  3. Make sure you have beaten the Pokemon League.
  4. Make sure you have talked to the guy inside the Pal Park (Route 221).

Good luck migrating.
(FYI: You cannot change time of DS to manipulate migrating Pokemons)

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I have done all this and it still does not work.
Seen 151 Pokemon in which game? The GBA game or the DS game?