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Whenever I try to migrate my Pokèmon to platinum, it ALWAYS "Error reading the game pak's save file" I got sapphire from a friend who has used AR on it before, and my platinum is on a R4 card. If that is any help.
Thanks in advance!

Can you specify more details?

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I've had this problem before .
Make sure that the GBA games are real. There are ALOT of suspicious cartridges out there.
You can check if its a fake by these things :

-No Nintendo Seal of Quality
-A sort of "rough " texture to the cartridge sticker
-The logo looks a little.....unreal

(It is quite hard to explain but here is an awesome video)

Or it may be because your Platinum Version is on R4
I had friend who's Diamond version was on R4 and he couldn't migrate it but on the real cartridge he could.

This sounds a bit like your problem

My Sapphire is legitimate.
Most likely th R4 then