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in platnuim I beat the elite four, went to pal park, went to other sites, and got the national pokedex. I have NO idea what to do. I really apperiate an answer soon, I really want migrate GROUNDON, KRYORGRE, AND RAYQUAZA.

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You have to put Emerald in the bottom slot of a Nintendo DS/DS Lite (if you don't have a DS or DS lite then you can't migrate. 3DS, 2DS, and DSi systems lack the ability to play GBA games), and start Platinum. At the startup menu there should be an option to "Migrate from Emerald" or something similar. Select that and you'll be able to migrate.

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Or tap or select or whatever, it doesn't really matter :P
i honestly stopped at that point while typing, and i was like "what do i say"

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Also, if it still lacks working (doesn't appear in the home screen) then check what county its from.
Click the link below for more information, I've made this mistake before, I bought emerald for my pearl but the emerald was american instead of Australian so it didn't work out.
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i've tried that but DID'NT WORK
Open that link, it might be from a different country, the link in my previous comment has the answer for you.
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