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I recently got Pokemon Emerald for my DS lite. I have HG along with it. I beat the elite four in HG and wanted to migrate from emerald. I caught six Pokemon and have six more I my PC. I went to pal park in HG and talked to the guy and saved. When I opened the menu (the first one) there was no option to migrate.

P.S. I haven't beat Red in HG

P.S.S. I only got to petalburg woods in emerald

So I was wondering if I have to beat red in HG or have to get further along in the game with Emerald. Or also if the Pokemon you migrate cant be the same.

P.S.S.S. None of my Pokemon in emerald no HM moves


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Did you have Emerald in the GBA slot of your DS? You must have it. If it doesn't show up blow in the cartridge or something to make it appear. You don't need any requirements, you only need to be at Pal Park in HGSS.

You also must have all of your Pokemon in the PC, party Pokemon will not show up when migrating.

Hope I helped. :)
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@!‛·–Indigo–·‛! Hi,
Is there something special i do in palpark? I met your requirements and it didnt work... Plz Help!
Are both your games the same language?
does hgss not require you to get the national dex first like platinum does?
Hi [again] Both my games are in the same language and i have obtained the national dex.  I dont know what happened but i will try putting all my pokemon in my box leaving a unimportant one in My party. I hope it works!