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Welcome everyone, I would like to migrate Pokemons from Leaf Green to Platinum and I have a problem. I tried to do it with emerald and everything goes easy and without problems, I migrated Pokemons but I can't do it the same with Leaf Green. What I have to do? I beat to elite four, I found ruby and sapphire, I have 6 Pokemons without HM and still don't have a option "migrate from leaf green". Can somebody help?

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I have migrated Pokémon from Leaf Green to Heart Gold, but it is similar in Platinum. You must have a Ds or Ds lite for this to work, as the games must be on the same system to migrate. I’m guessing you do because you’ve migrated to Platinum before. The game also has a possibility of being a fake, causing the migrate problems. You must also have gotten the Pokédex in Platinum and have at least two Pokémon in your party.
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Thank you for your answer, but I can (in every moment) migrate from Emerald to Platinum and from Fire Red to Platinum, but I can't from Leaf Green - few years ago it's was possible. So, my problem is in the game, I have to do something but I really don't know what. What is requirements for migration? I not thinking about Platinum, because with this is everyting OK. Please, maybe you can help?