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I want to use it for a team.

  1. Less than 3 Weaknesses
  2. Multiple resistances
  3. High Defensive stats(Including HP)
  4. Does not require Evolite
  5. A Reliable healing move(meaning Wish, Recover, Roost Etc not like Rest or Aqua-ring)
  6. Usable offenses
  7. UU Tier or lower
  8. Preferably looks cool
  9. Good movepool

If anyone thinks that this breaks the rules similar questions have been asked before by both DarkTyphlosion and Trachy and Pokemaster has allowed them.

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What about Pain Split?
Pain split is not very reliable but it depends on which Pokemon is using it really.
I was thinking of Rotom-H,it fits well to the requirements.
I would prefer more options.

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Probably musharna or lickilicky...

Pros: good recovery combo; Dream eater+hypnosis, and good HP(116 base) but okay defenses(85 base def, 95 base spdef)
Cons: Recovery won't work if opponent is immune to sleep or is Dark type, has 3 weaknesses, and a limited movepool.

Pros: Big movepool, has refresh for statuses, and good HP(130 base) but average defenses(80 base def, 95 base spdef)
Cons: No good recovery move, has 4 weakness, and mediocre speed.


Pros: Has roost, Big pecks/overcoat, and good Hp(110 base) and defenses(105 base def, and 95 base spdef).
Cons: Has 3 weaknesses, not good offenses.

Pros: good defenses(95 base both) and HP(110 base), workable offenses(95 base atk, 90 base spatk), good movepool and 1 weakness.
Cons: Normal type, low speed(but can be utilized for gyro ball), and no good recovery

Pros: good defenses(135 base both), workable atk, 2 weaknesses
Cons: Bad HP (but as Shx said, Pain split would be a good option for healing), no good powerful STAB move(Shadow punch after STAB is only 90 base).

Pros: good defenses(90 base def, 105 base spdef) and average HP(75 base), reliable recovery roost, and wide movepool.
Cons: one 4X weakness, average offenses

Pros; Average HP(106 base) and defenses(86 base for both), wide movepool.
Cons: low speed, not widely used.

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