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I need a pokemon that isn't in uber tier.
•can't have DW ability (i can't :()
•good speed
•awesome attack

Plz give a good moveset for that pokemon and evs and natures PLZ. SUPPORT your answer or else :P………

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Mienshao (M) @ Flyng Gem (With Flying Gem)/ Life Orb (with Fake Out)
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -SpAtk)
Trait: Regenerator

EV Spread:
252 Atk
252 Speed
4 HP

-Hi Jump Kick
-Acrobatics/ Fake Out
-Brick Break/ Stone Edge

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You may as well use life orb and use fake out instead of acrobatics as it is a waste of a one use item and gives very little coverage.
With life orb they can take a fake out, but then they have to take hi jump kick which gets stab and life orb damage. Then uturn back with extra damage then regen kicks in. Also jolly is needed here, as it's frail and is out run by allot of Pokemon with out it.
Blobyolo, you wise son of a gun :)
;) life orb meinshao can wreck teams if they dont have a counter.
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I Don't know if Terrakions Attack or Speed is to low. But it's 129 Attack & 108 Speed.

It doesn't have Dream-World Ability.

It isn't Uber


PS i'm bad at movesets so you can just Look at the Link!

For Terrakion:
For Both: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 Hp with a Jolly Nature

Choice Band

>Close Combat
Stone Edge/ Rock Slide

Life Orb

>Swords Dance
>Close Combat/ Sacred Sword
>Earthquake/ Stone Edge/ Rock Slide
Choice scarf and choice band are the best sets, life orb isn't the best but still works, and I would defiantly use terrakion if it's not to late.
I started with Choice Band, but then i went to Life Orb for freedom of moves. He has been ok so far.
Yes it is a set people used to use, quite successfully i must add, thay would also run swords dance or rock polish and some sets had both :L but times moved on and these are the only sets you will ever see anymore.
But non of the less life orb works well as long as you run jolly.
Of course Jolly, (Unless you run choice Scarf, In which case, Adamant)