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I had a Trainer card,and when I collected all of the props,I'm 99% sure it changed colour! I'm not absolutely sure though,but if it did change,is it supposed to and are there any other ways to change it's colour?

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this is black/white, since you said props, right?
"why-did-my-trainer-card-change-colour" tag? seriously?
tell people which game.

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Yes, it did change its color! You start out with a normal card, and each time you complete one of these tasks clisted below, your card changes color, following the order listed below the below.

1: Beat Ghetis in battle
2: Collect all the props
3: Complete national pokedex
4: Raise the black and White levels of your Entree at the Entralink to 30 or more
5: Obtain trophies from both the Super Single Train and the Super Double Train in the battle subway.

These can go in any order, and you card changes color from

1: normal card, colored green
2: bronze card, colored purple
3: copper card, colored pink
4: siliver card, colored... well, silver.
5: gold card, colored gold.
6: black version, black card, colored black or

white version, white card, colored white.
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which game black / white because you can have 5 trainer card colours on any game and you get diiferent colours for achivments like on pearl if you get 100 battle tower streak you get the highest black trainer card with 5 stars

please make this easier to read.  also, this is wrong, as black and white have 6 colors.  besides, you didn't answer the question.
it was a simpleer answer than yours but it clearly states that you change colour for certain acheivments and fair anothe for the 6 colours but the first one in my opinion doesnt count because you havent done anything :/
never mind.