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Thanks guys :D

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this should get lumped in with the moveset question
Well I laredy have a moveset I like for it, i just got confused on what item to use on it :D <3

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Leftovers is probably the best, because of Blissey's amazing HP. This works paired with something like Toxic. However, Focus Sash will also work because of bad Defense.

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thx :D <3
Blissey has too high HP to be KO'd normally, it most of the time will take a super effective hit. Only Max Attack Choice Banders with CC, Focus Punch, or Drain Punch will be able to KO. Also, pokes with 1-2 Swords dances can do the same.
Yeah, Focus Sash isn't really a good choice; Chople Berry might even be better so that you can counter with a Counter.