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I recently started with building a competitive team on Pokemon Soulsilver. I'm looking for a variation in Pokemon like sweepers, stallers, support etc, and I will trade them to ORAS later. Now Blissey could be one of my choices, but I'm wondering if this Pokemon is capable of taking physical hits due to its low defence(leave fighting moves out of this :) ) I want to use Blissey as support.

Blissey with Calm Nature.
EV's: 252 HP/252SpecialDef/4Speed
Heal Bell/Aromatherapy
Healing Wish

Oh yeah, some suggestions for a good item would be nice :).

Thanks in advance


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If you are going to transfer it to oras then the best set is to not use blissey and use Chaney, thanks to the magic eviolite. But here is a review anyway
Blissey @
252 spdef/
252 defense/ 4 speed (blissy doesn't need hp)
Soft boiled
Heal bell
Seismic toss*
Hope I helped!

*changes in italics

Hp and Defense investments are best for Chansey/Blissey because it helps them to take physical hits better, and their special bulk is good enough with just hp.
Why invest it in Speed?
Like what GeoTruth said, you should invest mostly in HP and Def, then put the remaining in Sp. Def.
Bold Nature would also be good on Blissey.
You could also put Wish > Softboiled (but I think Wish is only an event move, so most Chansey / Blissey with Wish are probably hacked and transferred).
I would do 248 HP / 252 Defense / 4 Sp. Def / 4 Speed (to outspeed other Blissey) and Bold Nature.
Moveset is fine. Leftovers for Blissey, Eviolite for Chansey.