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Lets say I have a Blissey
This cute little thing
Holding Lax Incense
252 Defense EVs, some EVs in Sp Def and maybe Sp Atk
- Minimize
- Toxic
- Rest
- Fire Blast

The plan is to Minimize until max evasion, use Toxic, and Rest in case attacks/status ailments do hit.
Then sit back and watch the show.
Fire Blast if a steel or poison type switches in.
I understand that Body Slam, Mach Punch, and Perish Song are strong counters against this, but is there anything else that would make this Blissey cry?
Also, what are some ways to compliment this Blissey in team composition?
Sorry if I come off as naive; I've only recently graduated from the "keep using Swampert until it's Lv. 100" school of thought.


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In a Showdown battle, no.
Why ? Because Evasion moves are banned.

For WiFi

This set is risky. It could work well occasionally, but fail as well.
Firstly, get rid of Fire Blast. Blissey has poor SpA stat you are better off with a move that causes a set number of damage.

If you really wanted to use this I suggest :

[email protected] Incense/Lefties
252HP/252 SpD/4 Speed or /4Def or /4SpA

-Seismic Toss
-Rest/Soft Boiled

Don't bother to much with her Defense or both Atk, SpA and Speed you're better of maximizing her stats she excel in. Seismic Toss over FB. Blissey doesn't have horrendous SpA but Seismic Toss is better. If you are gonna go for FB give the remaing 4 EV in SpA.

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Um you go over the EV limit, unless you mean you can run 4 SpD, Def or SpA in which you probably should set it out better.
Also, Soft-Boiled > Rest in every way don't even bother considering.
lSorry it must be confusing. I meant 4 in the 3 stats. as in choosing in between them
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Minimize and evasion moves in general are frowned upon greatly in competitive battling.

Not with baton pass/stockpile driftblim
Huh? Stockpile doesn't raise evasion...
No, but in the case drifblim does get hit, stockpile raises spD, which is its main weakness
Yes... So, your point?
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Double team is ill-advised.

Lets see what smogon says:

Blissey @ Leftovers
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 Def / 252 SpD / 4 Spe
Calm Nature
- Toxic
- Flamethrower
- Soft-Boiled
- Heal Bell

As smogon states, Blissey is meant to be a wall. Walls take and soak up hits from most any attacker, while double team is meant for frail sweepers. You need healing moves(not rest), so soft boiled/heal bell works, and blissey's main move is spreading toxic. Fire blast can be used only 8 times in a battle(unless supported with lunar dance) so flamethrower is a better viable option. However, unlike smogon, softboiled/heal bell can be switched for double team(if you really want it)/focus blast/seed bomb for more coverage. But leftovers is important as a held item so do not get rid of it.

Smogon isn't the official site though :/
Theres an official site?
It doesn't matter if Smogon isn't the official site. Smogon is literally, the best possible site for Pokemon movesets, with the highest quality sets as a general thing.