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Ey guys! Thank you all for answering my Blissey questions last time. This time around I come with the same Blissey trained but it's about it's moveset!

This is the one (her name's Joy :D)

Nature: Bold (+Def -Att)
EV's: +252 HP, +252 Def, +4 Spd
Ability: Natural Cure
-Healbell (Not sure about this one)

I don't know if this is good but I mostly got Charm to deal with Physical damage. I know that it's very weak to Taunts but I plan on using her mostly for the Battle Resort not sure about Online matches but who knows. Anyways what do you think? Is it good? Should I drop Charm/Healbell? I already got safeguard on one of my other Pokemon and she has Natural Cure so...

Also accepting possible nicknames! XD

Blissey's defense is horrible though, you may be possibly wasting your time on a defesive blissey, and instead use another pokemon with better defense.
Oh yeah I know that she has horrible defense but she has really good HP and Special Defense, so good that it's kinda pointless to raise her Special Defense further so instead I put some on her Def to allow her to at least take 1 hit. The Charm is just a plus in case there's a special sweeper that carries a physical move or she can take more than one hit
Maximum Investment in Defense is absolutely necessary for Blissey (you should definitely keep your EV spread; it's good)
You could replace Charm with Stealth Rock (if you don't have an SR setter) or Protect. Charm isn't really necessary and can be annoying, since you only have 4 moveslots.
 - If this isn't the 3DS game and you're using a battle simulator (such as Showdown), then I suggest replacing Softboiled with Wish. In the real game though, Wish was only available on Blissey as a event move from older gens, so you probably won't be able to get it.
Its for ORAS so yeah can't get Wish. Aside from that should I keep Heal Bell?
Heal Bell isn't necessarily needed, but on this set, it would be a good choice to keep it.
Heal Bell is helpful when getting rid of Status-conditions; for example, Physical Sweepers hate Burns (unless if guts) because it lowers their Attack, while Walls generally hate badly-Poisoned statuses because it limits their walling capabilities.  
Note that it affects the whole team as well, so having Heal Bell would be a good choice on Blissey (it can make it a useful cleric).
Well if I had another skill aside from it what would you recommend?

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this build looks good and she can totally wreck special users, like the comments however, blissey gets wrecked by physical users.
soft boiled is perfect
as well as toxic
i wouldn't bother with charm
and I think heal bell is alright.
if you use the blissey I'd suggest the bliss-skarm combination (blissey and skarmery combo) if only blissey could learn baton pass though, that would make that combo deadly.
the way you can do the bliss skarm comb (bs for short) is when a Pokemon that uses physical attack is your opponent you switch to skarmery, special users with blissey.
moveset fir bs would be something like this
blissey @leftovers
same nature & ev training
soft boiled
heal bell
special water type move if possible, something that can counter electric or fire types
that is (i heard) a dangerous combo.
if this isn't your style, I'd suggest maybe a shuckle with encore, if the move encored is attack the switch to a defensive Pokemon like rhydon (example) if move is special use blissey, status would be any Pokemon depending on which one would defeat the opponent better.
that is my answer, hope I helped, altogether blissey can only be conveniently used competitively if mixed in with others like skarmery but nevertheless can be conveniently used which is what is important.
yours truly: loomhigh123555

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This really helped a lot! Thanks so much also for adding good pairing pokemon! I think I'll go with a lovely Shuckle~! So probably gotta train one now ahaha. Thanks!
cool i got one to but it isn't ev trained. id suggest a speed lowering nature and a defense increasing nature, (mine is sassy)
good luck(:.