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No one can seem to answer this question at my school. When I check elsewhere, I get a no AND a yes- so which is it, and where would I find one if it's possible?


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Currently; there were/are no events for Mew distributed, so you cannot get Mew that way.

The only way to currently get Mew is to migrate the past event Mew from your Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver game through the Poketransfer Lab.

However, there may be an event in the future for obtaining Mew in Black and White (such as the Pokemon voting event, if Mew gets chosen).

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Well, you can through trading with another person, or by using the Poke Transfer to transfer it from another game. Other than that, the only other way to get it without hacking your game would be to wait for a special event by which you could recieve a Mew.

Hope this helps =)