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Is it possible to get Mew in any game without events and no cheats? I have a lot of Pokemon games, is there any I could get mew in any of them? I have Pokemon Ranger but that doesn't count since Pokemon leave and you can't trade it. I have Pokemon Soul Silver, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Black, and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. is it possible to get in any of these games?

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Updated answer, as of Gen 8:

Yes, there are a few ways outside of the Mew Glitch and Events to get Mew.

The Pokeball Plus

A bit pricey, and only one Mew per Pokeball, but you get a legit Mew from there. It's compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Go

You can get Mew by completing the special research for it, "A Mythical Discovery". From there, you can transfer it to your Nintendo Switch.

There's also another Mew event upcoming in Pokemon Go, I believe for Shiny Mew, but I believe it's timed. Now much is known about it yet.

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"I have Pokemon soul silver, Pokemon diamond, Pokemon black, and Pokemon alpha sapphire. is it possible to get in any of these games?"

Go and the Pokeball Plus aren't compatible with these games.
The question is 5 years old, im giving an update since the title is "is it possible to get mew at all" and it is possible to get mew, "at all". While it isn't for those games, it is possible in general, "at all'
Ah ok, makes sense.
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Unfortunately, No.

Every chance to get Mew is only through event.


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What about Emerald?
Even I Emerald it required an event. --> http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Old_Sea_Map