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Like: Bolt-Beam, Edge-Quake.

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I guess any two moves that will hit any Pokemon with at least neutral damage.

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Well, to name I few I found, would be:

Bolt-Beam- as you stated; a combo of Thuderbolt and Ice Beam
Stone-Quake- or as you put it Edge-Quake; a combo of Stone Edge and Earthquake
Fire-Claw- a combo of Fire Punch and Dragon Claw
Thunder-Crunch- specifically used with a Tyranitar but can be used with others; a combo of Thunderbolt and Crunch
Celetran- this is actually a coverage used with Pokemon on the same team, specifically a Heatran and Celebi. Celebi covers all of Heatran's weaknesses, and vice versa
Skarmbliss- another Pokemon coverage; Skarmory, with high defense and many resistances, used with a Blissey, with a very high sp defense stat and hp

EDIT As the guys said below there is also:

FerroCent-pokemon coverage; they cover each others weaknesses
LatiTran- pokemon coverage; they can take out each others counters
RoWzor- pokemon coverage; they cover each other's weaknesses

Hope this helped =)

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Another great one for Uber, or even OU by some tiers is LatiTran: A mixture on [email protected] and Heatran.
Also Ferrothorn and Jellicent because they can cover each others weaknesses
FerroCent. Interesting... Lots of walling going on here.
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Rotom-W/Scizor: RoW-Zor xD  covers each others types.
Well, using Pokemon that can cover each other weaknesses is about the best wall you can have on a team.