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I'm not really sure how to explain this, it's like can you cover all types super effectively in a moveset, except you can go over four and it has to be the least amount of types.

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D oyou mean super-effective coverage for ALL types, or just neutral coverage for all types that hits the most Pokémon possible supereffectively?
ALL types super effectively, the first one.
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With two moves, you can cover ten types with a ground move in freeze dry

When accounting for no dual-types (typing in general), the most efficient grouping of types I found was:

Freeze Dry: Water, Ground, Dragon, Flying, Grass
Ground: Electric, Rock, Steel, Poison, Fire
Fighting: Normal, Dark, Ice
Dark/Ghost: Ghost, Psychic
Steel: Fairy
Flying: Bug, Fighting

However, accounting for all known types you'll need Mold Breaker (to break Eelektross's levitate) and in addition to the types listed above

Fairy: (for Dark/Ghosts, Dark/Psychic and Kingdra)
Fire: For Bug/Steels and Steel/Flying
Rock: For fire/flying

If there's a more efficient combination or I missed something feel free to tell me I'm wrong

However, this was all a lie, because you really only need three moves to hit every Pokemon superffectively
- Soak
- An electric move
- A grass move

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Does Freeze-Dry pretty much count just as Water coverage?
yeah, you could say that
Ghost preferred over Dark because of Mimikyu and Gardevoir, tho if you use Steel it won't matter. But if you use poison as fairy coverage instead of Dark...
does this mean that I can change Steel to Poison for the Fairy coverage?
You need grass to super effectively hit water ground.
Freeze dry hits water/ground supereffectively
Fire, Water, Grass, Fighting, Rock, Ground, Poison, Dark, and Fairy doesn't work because you can't super-effectively hit Mimikyu with any of those types.
The answer uses steel to cover fairy. Steel can super-effectively hit Mimikyu.
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My Combination

My combination consists of the possible minimum types needed to counter the eighteen types.

Fighting - Normal, Ice, Dark, Steel
Ground - Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock
Ice - Grass. Flying, Dragon
Grass- Water, Ground
Flying- Bug, Fighting
Ghost -Psychic, Ghost
Steel- Fairy

Hope I've Helped!

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That still can't counter Fire/Flying, Water/Flying, Normal/Psychic, Steel/Bug, Steel/Flying, Water/Dragon, Ghost/Dark, Bug/Electric, or Dark/Psychic.
The question asked about all types, not all type combinations.
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I searched up in the coverage part of Pokemon database that the most legit type coverage would be:


You would cover over 581 Pokemon out of 721!

Other good types:

Electric-Ice-Fighting-Ground covers 601 Pokemon supereffectively albeit useless VS Shedinja.
There are 894 Pokemon