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I know it isn't possible, but if a Pokemon COULD have five moves? And what would those move types be? Thanks :)

I just messed around on the type coverage checker, and concluded that it's a no.

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Take a look at these 6 Pokemon and their weaknesses:
Whiscash (Grass)
Scizor (Fire)
Spiritomb (Fairy)
Clefable (Poison or Steel)
Chansey (Fighting)
Misdreavus (Ghost or Dark)
Any combination of 5 moves would not be able to hit all 6 of these Pokemon super-effectively. Instead, 6 moves would be needed, either:
Grass, Fire, Fairy, Poison, Fighting and Ghost,
Grass, Fire, Fairy, Steel, Fighting and Dark,
Grass, Fire, Fairy, Steel, Fighting and Ghost, or
Grass, Fire, Fairy, Poison, Fighting and Dark.
Therefore, it is not possible to hit every Pokemon super-effectively with just 5 moves.

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Not to mention that you would need to have the ability Mold Breaker (or something similar) in order to hit Eelectross super-effectively at all.
True, but I think we disregard Electross seeing as no combination, no matter how large, could hit it super-effectively.
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Yes, using Soak, which turns the target to Pure water type, you could have that and an electric move and a grass move.
The best Pokemon to do this is Lanturn, with Soak, Discharge, and Hidden Power Grass.
This is only three moves, and five might make it even easier.

Why Electric AND Grass moves? If Soak turn the Pokemon to pure Water you only need one of those moves. So 2 moves in total.
Because Sap Sipper and Lightning Rod