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Hi, someone know why in the Pokemon black i can buy evolution stones from black city, but in the white version a place like that (where i can buy evolution stones) doesn't exist? Please answer me. If you answer me i will answer on your questions, i think i know everything about Pokemon except that.


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this shows you where you can find the stones (for free as well)
but it may be because you have left it a while and everyone has left so you need to transfer them over from black

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thanks blobyolo i have post that question only for 8 minutes and you answered it :D.I still think its not fair that in black city i can buy evolution stones but in white version i cant buy nowhere.
well im not sure how you do it but somehow you can transfer people over from black that lets you have more people which gets you better items ect someone else like MEW if your reading this can probobly tell you how but you can always look it up