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I can not beat the last boss of the 2nd level in the capture Arena. It is One Drapion and Four Weavile. My Partner Pokemon is Shieldon so it has Poke-assist steel. They move so fast I can not capture them very well. Can someone give me advice on how to beat them.


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Darapion though shelidon is good and has a good assist that is helpfull against darapion i personaly use pacharisu for everything since its power to paralyse .i just started a new game because i caught regigigas and done everything else but i would suggest using pokemon such as pacharisu to pause them and because they take so many loops when it starts again you should nearly have enothe for another go
electric assist where you touch anywhere on the screen a bolt comes down anything neer it stops

for wevile you can also use electric assist because if your lucky you can catch all four at once if you get a good shot and paralyse them.
though i suggest catching 1 at a time and maybe use fight assist or charge up in a corner then go for one catch it quikly then go for another

hope it helped :/

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i used pacharisu to stun them all and caught all 4 weavile waited and used pacharisu again and charged my styler and caught drapion.