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i know counter and mirror coat arent but how about for metal burst? if i use a metal burst to a tyranitar, will it be super effective or just the 1.5x back the damage i take?


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Metal Burst does not do super or not very effective damage, it is the same as Mirror-coat and Counter in that sense.


alright i think iron tails the better option then
I wouldn't say that. Metal-burst can be an extremely useful move.
Yeah, especially since it doesn't have NOT very effective damage
yea i was first thinking that too but i dont see any metal bursts on an aggron moveset in smogon or other sites
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No, it won't be super effective. You metioned Counter and Mirror Coat in your question, it would be just like those moves.

Hope this helps =)

Sorry for the short answer I'm in a hurry.

okay thanks