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plz I need to know to do eggs on fire red, anyone knows?

on this case i want to do an egg by eevee


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In FireRed version, you'll need to use the DayCare on 4 Island if you want to be able to breed. You can access it after beating the E4. Then, follow the standard breeding method given by 4S.

very thanks, but what's the 4S?
4S is me by the way.
Sam Sam Sam Sam = 4 S's.
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You get eggs the same way you get every other egg... by breeding.
You take two Pokemon and put them in the daycare as long as they are in the same egg group, or when bred with a Ditto.* (You cannot breed legendaries)

In your case, take an Eevee (or two) and breed it with a Ditto; you will eventually be able to get an egg in the daycare.

To obtain an Eevee to breed, I think you can get one in the Game Corner.
Good luck!

- 12.22.2011 4:04p

all right, but on the fire red it only put one pokemon on the daycare
why do you keep answering your own questions with comments :/ plus im quessing you have to compleete the game to get 2 pokemon in like on black and white
plz tell me how do i do the eggs, i need it fast
he just did why do you want eggs so much anyway
ok, it's not so urgent, ty...
You mean how to do breeding?