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(I am not Hacking.) Yesterday I saw a squirtle in cape brink but there is no squirtle find in cape brink in this www.pokemondb.net/location/kanto-cape-brink

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If you encountered a Squirtle in the wild, then it is 100% a glitch. There are also no Trainers there who use Squirtle, so that option's out. Anyways I don't think it will harm your game.

LOL!!! That is not a glitch.
Please explain how it isn't a glitch? That image does absolutely nothing to disprove the idea.
Also, it seems as though you're playing a modified/ emulated version of FireRed? If that's the case, I find it especially likely that a glitch would explain this.
I'm so sorry. I think that is a glitch. I played Firered in computer but I didn't modified the whole game I just modified the theme.