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I recieved a DS Lite from someone recently, and I have been playing Fire Red. I got the Old Rod and started fishing, but every time I reeled it in, it was a Magikarp. Do I need to get a Good/Super Rod to get Pokémon like Goldeen?

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After looking at every location in FRLG, it is obvious that Magikarp is the only thing that can be found with the Old Rod.

To get Goldeen, you need the Good Rod. The Good Rod can be acquired in Fuchsia City next to the Wardens house by the man with the lost teeth. These are the locations that Goldeen can be fished with the Good Rod.

Route 6, 22, 23, 25, Berry Forest, Cape Brink, Cerulean Cave, Four Island, Fuchsia City, Icefall Cave, Ruin Valley, Viridian City, Safari Zone


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Honestly back in the day we did confirm and source every single detail about our answers, but I guess times have changed
Terlor, if you click on every location in FireRed that it says for Goldeen, Magikarp is the only thing that comes up for "Old Rod".
@Terlor I'm pretty sure the quality of answers was WAY worse back in the day than it is now.
Terlor I would have to do that if the source I used wasn't this site
Yeah, I realized afterwards that it shows what you can get with each rod, but we would actually need confirmation for each location, because nowhere online does it say that the old rod only reels in Magikarp so at least going over them and saying you did is enough imo