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So, I think any HG/SS player will remember that in Mahogany Town there was a fisherman who asked you to show him the biggest Magikarp you could find. I also think HG/SS player will remember trying to fish for a Magikarp that was extravagantly large in size (I had the HG/SS Player's Guide, so I tried to find a Magikarp at least the same sizes as the ones that they found).

So, I'm just curious as to what the maximum and minimum sizes of Magikarp were found.

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It's actually not dependant on location. It's dependant on Magikarp's personality value.

I'll try to make sense of the calculation:

Personality values are assigned by a 32 digit bit that determine some characteristics of the Pokemon. They are split into 4 different parts. (00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000). For the calculation of how big a Pokemon is, the last 2 parts are used.

The formula to calculate a portion of the size is:

>s = ( ( (Atk' ⊕ Def') HP' ) ⊕ p1 ) 256 + ( ( (SpAtk' ⊕ SpDef') * Spd' ) ⊕ p2 )

Where p1 is the last 8 %256, rounding down, while p2 is the second to last eight digits divided by 256 and then taking the modulo.

Then, the s you obtain is used to obtain the an x, y, and z values:

Afterward, using the obtained values, as well as h, the Pokemon's height in meters rounded down:

>Size = Rounddown( (s-z) / y + x ) * h / 10

td;lr: It's pretty much luck, although if you can manipulate RNG somehow, you might get better luck.


And by the way, it's Lake of Rage, not Mahogany Town :)

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Flafpert changed mah question, so what be the sizes?