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The only way I can think of is as follows:

Lvl. 1 Starly vs. Lvl. 100 __

[email protected] Sash

Quick Attack

The level 100 would have higher speed, so it would move first. It would kill the Starly, but Starly has a focus sash, so it has 1hp left.
Starly uses Endeavor, leaving the level 100 with 1hp as well.
The next turn, Starly uses Quick Attack to kill the opponent.

Can anyone think of other ways?

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This is called FEAR (based on Focus Sash-Endeavor-Quick Attack-Rattata). Also, there are many possibilities, so I think this is opinion-based question. I wait for others to comment
And I'm almost positive any other ideas will include a Sash.
There are many ways, but all are going to be very unlikely.

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Any Pokemon With Endeavor, and a priority move holding the Focus-sash. MANY MANY Pokemon can learn this combination. Another one is Endeavor, Sturdy, Shell bell, during Sand-storm, Hypothetically this could work with Hail but no Pokemon with Sturdy is an Ice type and only 1 Ice type can know Endeavor(Kyurem), only Donphan(Who can not be a level 1, also note that he and his pre-evolved form can use the first mentioned FEAR strategy: Endeavor+Ice-shard+Focus-sash(or any Item in Donphan's case)) and The Aron Family(Only Aron can be level one).

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A FEAR Swinub can be used in hail.
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Another way would be:

To send out Tyranitar first because it has the ability sand stream which lasts untill the battle ends. Make sure you have an Aron LV. 1 with you because it has the ability sturdy. Now let's say that your Tyranitar faints, your only one left is Aron. Make sure it has the Endeavor move because it cuts the opponents hp to how much hp you have. Finally, when the opponnents hp is one, it gets hurt by the sandstorm and faints (HOPE THIS HELPS) :)

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