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I'm doing a fire type only run, and I want to make sure My team Is ready.


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Brock has:
Lv 55 golem
Lv. 54 Relicanth
Lv 56 Omastar
LV 55 Kabutops
LV 57. Rampardos
Lv 61 Onix

From one fire type trainer to another, I'm sure you know the power of solarbeam. Typhlosion FTW

Yeah I'm using

Lv 53 houndoom
Lv50 Arcanine
Lv54 torkal
Lv60 Charizard (from leaf green)
Lv 63 Typhlosion (you might like this one )
Lv 52 ninetails

You know I have sunny day/Solarbeam ready.
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