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I really want a bagon(not a shelgon) from the safari zone. I cleared the game, i got a call from baoba after i showed him the sandshrew and he said something about the objects. now how do i get forest and peak objects and what are all the steps to getting a bagon? it says 9 Forest Objects and
19 Peak Objects but how and where do i exactly get them? Most of the sites that explain this are so complicated and i dont understand what to do. so can someone explain this simply to me?


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Just stand in front of the area you need to but the item in and press A. You can choose from the objects from an object menu that will appear.

wait theres a specific place you need to put the objects on?  bagon can be found in the swamp area but do i need to put the objects in a specific place or just anywhere in the swamp?
Anywhere in Swamp.
However, you can't place objects on certain areas, like grass.
alright thanks
okay so i placed 19 small rocks and 9 trees in the swamp in random places. and after 110 days bagons supposed to appear.i think i did every step right(tell me if im missing something) now is bagon going to be the only pokemon thats gonna appear in the swamp after 110 days? or does other pokemon appear too
nvmd i get it